Factors that cause tooth loss

Tooth loss is very common when it comes to babies and older people but when it affects a younger person it’s totally undesirable. Tooth loss is a process in small children where their deciduous teeth are replaced by adult teeth. It can be a result of some kind of severe injuries, poor dental care, tooth decay etc. Dental care is very important if you want to protect your teeth from any kind of cavity or dental issues. People should regularly brush their teeth and visit the dentist once every year.

Proper care would help you to maintain your beautiful teeth. Tooth loss is not what someone desires ever in their life as it reduces the food choices and causes pain. This can also affect your overall health because of less intake of essential nutrition. Poor dental care can lead to tooth extraction, root canal, whitening of teeth etc.

To prevent tooth loss first we need to know the factors that cause tooth loss in adults. Some well-known factors according to the researchers are;

if you are suffering from recurrent gum diseases, rheumatoid arthritis and high blood pressure then probably your chances of tooth loss are high. It is also seen that this dental problem is common in males more than females. Smokers and people above 35 years of age are at a high risk of tooth loss. Others factors are more impactful than age and sex.

People suffering from gum or periodontal disease can suffer from tooth loss. Dentists are there to help you out with your dental problems so you need to get a regular check up if you are facing any trouble. According to researchers people who have never taken a professional dental care are more prone to these problems. It’s very important for people to realize the importance of brushing regularly and taking proper dental care as it can help avoid many dental problems among which is tooth loss.

Tooth loss has an impact on our entire teeth structure because whenever tooth loss occurs it affects our alveolar bone. Our gum tissues and bones become weak and affect our basal bone too. Professional dental care is very important in these kinds of situation and so this is why visiting dentist every year is essential. To overcome tooth loss you can get dental implants done as it is very effective. Improving our eating habits and dental care can keep our mouth healthy.

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