Ways that help medicine go down easily with children

Does your child often refuse to take medicines? Is your child sensitive to taste and odor? If you are parents to these types of children then you need not worry. As a parent, one of the most helpless feelings is when your child refuses to take medicine because he doesn’t like the taste of it. Children often get sick because of their day to day activities and involvement with germs. So, medicines are there to cure them and make them feel better.

But this is where the problem lies. To a child, medicine is something which is not good at all and doesn’t taste any better. There will be hardly any occasions where the child will cooperate, so it becomes very difficult for the parents to make them swallow the medicine.

It’s very important that your child takes the necessary medicine prescribed to him by the doctor when he is ill. There are definitely some creative ways to help the medicine go down your child’s throat. When it comes to liquid medicines, you can try some tricks with your child. It is seen that children refuse to take the liquid medicine as they see the dropper. So, to make it fun you can use a spoon with his favorite cartoon characters on it and transfer the medicine from a dropper to spoon. But make sure that first, you measure out the liquid medicine.

You can also use a colored straw to distract the child. Suppositories are another best alternative that helps your child if he is not able to keep anything in his stomach. These are soft capsules which melt once inserted into the rectum. And if your child is scared of it getting inserted, then you can try it when he is asleep.

Chewable tablets are soft chewy tablets which come in different flavors and colors. Softchews are very popular among the children as it gets dissolve easily and quickly. If your child is prescribed a medicine which does not come in flavors and form then you can always mix it with some food or drink and give it to your child. You can use a crusher and crush the medicine and mix it in his favorite food so that appearance and taste of medicine are not felt. But it’s very important that you take your doctor’s advice before mixing it up with any food. To avoid the aftertaste of medicine you can give your child some chocolate shake or juice as chasers.

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